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Selling your home in Katy Texas? Katy Homes For Sale & Texas Real Estate Facts!

Posted on November 13, 2014 by davida in General, Market Updates, Real Estate

You can stand out from all of the other Katy Texas homes for sale!Are you planning, or trying to decide whether or not to sell your Home or Real Estate Property in Katy, Texas? Well, here are several simple, yet proven and helpful Real Estate tips for selling your house and standing above all of the other Katy homes for sale.

It is a fact that buyers who are in the Real Estate market looking for homes or Property, seriously start their search six months prior to making an offer. With the New Year approaching, buying their dream home is often one of the first things on someone’s wish list.

Getting started with putting your home on the market is easy.  Just pick up the phone and get a complete evaluation from the top professional Katy Texas Real Estate team for a complete FREE EVALUATION on what you need to do to make your home a “hot” commodity.  This is a very important step that many people miss, by going with a friend or relative when selling your home.  Having the best Katy Texas Real Estate team in your corner may mean an $$$ in profits for you, the home seller.

True professionals like Joe Rothchild and his team, Houston Texas Top Real Estate Team for over 10 yeas, will make sure you get professional house photos and provide recommendations on staging your house for maximum profit potential.

Next, you will want to give your house some “highlights”. The front of the house is definitely a given as it is the first thing buyers see and what invites them to take a closer look. People form an impression immediately when they see your house from the street and good curb appeal promotes that important first impression.  The problem for most home sellers is that they are too close to their own house and this makes it challenging to make an objective decision for home preparation and staging.  Once again, this is why you would want to use the top Katy Texas Real Estate team, because they know what works and why certain things help create motivated home buyers.

Many times, committing to a small investment on a little things, like touch-up painting is still considerably new or good, will change the gut reaction or instant impression with your buyer. A little paint or fresh mulch in the flower beds will go a long way in giving your Katy Texas home a fresh look and feeland separate it from all of the other Katy homes for sale

Now, after doing the “make up” of your house’s face, the inside of the home needs to be staged. First take out all extra and non-essential furniture and de-clutter the rooms, leaving just the very basics. Rearrange and organize what is left with an emphasis on closets. By doing this, you make the rooms and closet areas appear more spacious than they actually are.

Then, evaluate the condition of the furniture you’re displaying. Reupholstering and paint touch up is a very practical solution for damaged, worn out and heavily stained furniture, or renting a new sofa for the short time it will be on the market.

The next area to focus on is the kitchen. And like the rest of the Lone Star State, cooking and food is a big part of everyday living. The kitchen is also, one of the areas in the house that visiting buyers prioritize in inspecting since is it the “hub” of the home. Working plumbing, sink, faucets, and counter-tops are a high priority for potential home buyers. Little things, like handles or knobs of drawers, cupboard or pantry doors and shelves… play a big part in how the home buyers look at this area of your home. Don’t forget to clear off counters as well.  So, take care of the details, as the kitchen is one of the major decision factors for home buyers.

And lastly, lighten up your house before listing it for sale. Aside from the automatic first on your to-do list, make sure all lights are working – replace all burned out bulbs, and leave the lights during showings. This makes the inside of the home lighter and the outside, more secure. Use blinds and curtains for rooms that you would want to adjust the mood, like the study or the entertainment room.

It is important for home buyers to easily imagine what it would be like if they purchased your house, so altering the look, feel and mood of different rooms makes it easy for your potential buyers to mentally envision what it would be like to live in your home.

Nowadays, many people in the Real Estate market who want to buy a home in Katy Texas typically the internet first. Now, it is important to find a top real estate team like The Joe Rothchild Team at Keller Williams Signature, located in Katy Texas. This #1 Team will provide you and your home the greatest reach on the Internet.

The great advantage of a team like Joe Rothchild’s is that they will provide you the greatest reach and Internet exposure, so when people are calling and asking about your property, they already know the everything about your home to give the best information regarding your home.

The Joe Rothchild Team, realizes that choosing who you will represent you in selling your home is one of the most important decisions that you will make and do not take this lightly.  We encourage you to call us out to your home and investigate The Joe Rothchild Team difference For Katy Home Sellers and Katy Home Buyers.


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